Association Anika is offering a personal assistant service for children and persons with disability


Association Anika within the framework of the European Union funded project – “Capacity Building for Social Services in Georgia and Ukraine”, implemented by cialis 20mg ASB Georgia, has set into motion the Personal Assistant Service for Children and People with Disability Project. Through the project, Anika aims to pilot and then scale up an innovative service model in Georgia. Personal assistance services are an approach already used in different countries to provide opportunities for people with disabilities (PWDs) and their family members to use qualified assistants for a specified amount of time.

What are personal assistance services?

The assistance of PWDs in her/his daily activities raises independent living skills and self-control. Assistance service activities can be various and include: personal care, eating, dressing, housework, shopping, work and vacation activities, communications, etc.

Personal assistance services are different for each individual and based on their unique goals and needs.

Association Anika will pilot these services and provide opportunities for PWDs to have professional assistants.

10 special assistant candidates selected through a competitive process completed coursework in personal assistance. Training included: 1. Aspects of personal assistance and related modules; 2. Personal assistant functions, duties, responsibilities and rights; 3. Effective communication strategies; 4. Challenging behaviours and effective interventions; 5. The effects of intellectual disabilities on daily functionalities and helping strategies (1 day); 6. The effects of physical disabilities on everyday functionalities; 7. The impact of visual limitations on daily functionality; 8. First aid.

The aim of the training courses is to increase practical knowledge and professionalism so that personal assistants are ready for service in the field. This project will last several months and within its framework personal assistance services will be provided free of charge. Association Anika aims to continue these services following their introduction through the pilot project on a “fee for service” basis.

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