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Information about current projects

  1. Community Based Services for Children with Disability

The aim of the project “Community Based Services for Children with Disability” is to establish high quality standards and social services for children with disabilities. Therefore, Association Anika in partnership with Save the Children International (SCI), the Ministry of Labor Health and Social Affairs of Georgia and the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is establishing 2 high standard day care programs for children with disabilities in Georgia’s Tbilisi and Kazreti regions. These day care programs will provide integrated rehabilitation services, early detection of problems, individual rehabilitation with a multidisciplinary approach and support services for family members. Day Care Services are available for 50-60 children a year. The project consists of the 3 following main components: 1. direct services for children with disabilities; 2. Capacity building and support for families of children with disabilities to enable them to advocate for their children; and 3. Increase the possibilities of suitable government bodies.


Over three years, Association Anika in collaboration with SCI will use MACF funds to establish sustainable, context and needs-based services for children with disabilities, strengthen their families that the authorities and regional non-governmental sectors can extend and refine beyond the life of the project.  The project is informed by the experience of Association Anika and Save the Children in the inclusion of children with disabilities and fulfills social work and inclusive education needs of Georgia.


In the framework of the project a Day Care Center concept was created, its activities and working processes are based on the individual needs of children with disabilities, multidisciplinary approaches for interventions and highly specialized professional work provided by special teachers, psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, mobility-orientation specialists, physiotherapists and social workers.

Through the project the day care center building in Tbilisi was rebuilt according to modern needs with new individual rooms for specialists (speech therapist, psychologist and physiotherapist).

With increased material and human resources Association Anika can now provide services for almost 60 (6-18-year-old) children with disabilities.


The Day Care Centers offer children from 6 to 18 year services that include:

  • An accessible environment for children with different needs;
  • Multidisciplinary interventions, high service standards and highly qualified specialists including: Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Special Teachers, Mobility Orientation Specialists and Physiotherapists;
  • Child development assessments and needs based individualized habilitation/rehabilitation program development and implementation;
  • Cognitive, academic, social and functional skills development;
  • Social integration for children with disabilities through different activities;
  • 2 meals per day;
  • Free transportation (transportation is available only for children living in Gldani-Nadzaladevi district).
  • Academic assistance services


Because inclusion and the promotion of inclusive education in Georgia is a high priority for Association Anika and Save the Children, the project offers parents of children with disabilities the following additional services:

  • After school, individual and group work at the Center for the development of child academic and social skills;
  • Homework assistance;
  • Non-formal educational programming.


Within the framework of this 3-year project, a Day Care Center with the same standards and priorities will be opened in the Kazreti region of Georgia, providing children with disabilities and their families with services based on the same standards as those available in Tbilisi.





      2. Personal Assistant Service for Children with Disability

From February 2017 Association Anika within the framework of the European Union funded project – “Capacity Building for Social Services in Georgia and Ukraine”, implemented by ASB Georgia, has set into motion the project – Personal Assistant Service for Children and Persons with Disability. Through the project, Anika aims to pilot and then scale up an innovative service model in Georgia. Personal assistance services are an approach already used in different countries to provide opportunities for people with disabilities (PWDs) and their family members to use qualified assistants for a specified amount of time.

Within the project, 10 special assistant candidates were selected through a competitive process and have completed coursework in personal assistance. The new trainees then applied their classroom training in the field by assisting children and persons with disabilities for free until the end of the project. (December 2017)


What do personal assistant services include?


  • Personal assistant service is an approved method in many countries, which provides opportunities for PWDs and their families to get qualified and professional assistance;
  • Assistance can be provided with different activities that may include self-care, dressing, shopping, visiting educational institutions, working and resting, communication, day planning and other activities;
  • A personal assistant provides assistance in everyday activities for persons and children with disabilities. This enhances PWDs independence and control over their lives;
  • Services are tailored to the individual needs and living conditions of different PWDs.


During the project period service is free. PWDs who live in Tbilisi and are over 12 years of age can use the services. After the project ends the service fee for 1 hour will be 15 Gel. Interested individuals and organizations can obtain personal assistant training and qualifications at the Training Center Anika. To arrange personal assistant services or to learn more about the project, contact us at:


T: 32 2 69 45 91/ 103

FB:  Association Anika • ასოციაცია ანიკა

E: ;




     3. From Ill-being to Wellbeing – Holistic Approach for Successful Employment of People with Disabilities


Association Anika with financial support from World Jewish Relief (WJR) is implementing the “From Ill-being to Wellbeing – Holistic Approach for Successful Employment of People with Disabilities (PWD)” Project. The project started in July of 2017 and is based on an earlier 3 year Association Anika and WJR project, for strengthening employment and integration of persons with disabilities. During those 3 years, Association Anika beneficiaries made great strides in terms of professional/social skills development, employment and integration. 15 of that project’s participants are now employed and more integrated into their communities. Association Anika has now developed a new, comprehensive project based on best practices and lessons learned from this previous experience for helping persons with disabilities secure employment, improve their welfare and increase their independence.

For persons with disabilities seeking employment, the first stage of the project is an assessment of their needs, interests and skills.  Individual development working plans are then created based on assessment findings. Beneficiaries involved in the employment program have an opportunity to take a variety of courses at Association Anika’s Training Center including: social skills, stress management, personal development, communications, etc. Following assessment and training, a job-coach is assigned to each beneficiary. Each job-coach works with the beneficiary, negotiates with employers and finds qualified candidates for vacant positions. Job coaches also provide job search and interview assistance and work place monitoring and support after a beneficiary begins employment. This project is comprehensive in its approach supporting beneficiaries from assessment of needs and skills through employment.


For persons with disabilities seeking to live with greater independence, the first stage of the project is a needs assessment. Individual development working plans are then created based on each beneficiary’s needs assessment findings. Plans are then implemented to develop each individual’s skills. This phase of the project prepares beneficiaries for the employment stage.

Association Anika’a training center focuses on the personal and professional development of people with disabilities. Anika has gathered modules within the other training center and has created new, demand-based modules for personal development. Beneficiaries involved in the program use Anika’s Training Center courses and resources to improve their knowledge, skills, self-confidence and employment prospects. The training center will also provide professional development opportunities for Anika’s employees, as well as other organizations.


The program is free for persons with disabilities.


To participate in the program please contact us at:

T: 32 2 69 45 91/ 103

FB:  Association Anika • ასოციაცია ანიკა

E: ;


Address: Cotne Dadiani Street 136, Tbilisi

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