State Program for Social Rehabilitation and Child Care

Start date: 20/11/2006

State Program for Social Rehabilitation and Child Care

The program objective is to ensure appropriate measures for the implementation of child rights protection and support  accoring to “Child Rights Code”.

Day centers service

1. The subprogramme is a family / child support measure as defined in the Code of the Rights of the Child aimed at preventing abandonment or separation of the child from the family.

2. The objective of the subprogramme is to support the target group's families and the social inclusion of the beneficiaries.  

The mission of the day care center is to support target families and prevent abandonment.

Subprogram activities include:


What day center services emply?    

The mission of the day care center is to support target families and prevent abandonment.

Subprogram activities include:


  • daily ( except Saturday Sundays and public holidays days apart ), 6 -hour service In addition the beneficiaries of the center spent minimal time there should be hours a day ; 6 pm service should be the beneficiaries of the provision of two healthy meals a day of which one one has to be a three-component lunch and hours of service, a single healthy meals ;
  • Day Center for the operation of the program ( curriculum production ;
  • the age of the beneficiaries of the needs identified and their satisfaction ;
  • beneficiary household and vocational - professional skills skills development promotion ;
  • Beneficiaries of cultural and sports - recreational activities involving the provision ;
  • beneficiaries of a right to organize , effective communication the choice is made the decision- making process of participation and conflicts in non-violent ways of solving skills skills training ;
  • Parental involvement in the promotion of the plan drawn up - implementation .
  • If necessary, the case - outpatient medical and psychological services to the organization ;

In case of disabled persons, the day center services to include:

  •  Daily (excluding weekends and weekends), 6-hour service. However, the minimum time spent at the center for beneficiaries should not be less than 3 hours; Beneficiaries should be served up to 6 hours with two healthy meals, one of which should be a three-course lunch, before 3 o’clock with a single healthy meal;
  • Producing a day center functioning program (curriculum);
  • identifying and meeting the academic needs of the beneficiaries according to age;
  • Promoting the development of household and occupational skills of beneficiaries;
  • Cultural and recreational benefits for beneficiaries
  • Providing beneficiaries with proper skills for time management, effective communication, participation in decision making and non-violent conflict resolution;
  •  Developing and implementing a parenting support plan.
  •  In case of neccessity – organize medical and psychological services;
  • In the case of people with disabilities (including children with disabilities), day care services additionally include:
  •  Arrange transportation for PWD.
  •  Developing a six-month individualized service / care plan by a multidisciplinary team that includes: a teacher and / or psychologist and / or occupational therapist, assistant and beneficiary
  • Supporting inclusive education for PWD.
  • Promoting the development of verbal / alternative communication of the beneficiaries;
  • Assistance to the beneficiary in the process of nutrition and personal hygiene;
  • Assess behavioral impairment of beneficiaries, develop, and implement a specialized behavior management plan. Providing parents with appropriate recommendations for proper management of their child's behavior.  


1.The target groups of the subprogram are:

• Children with disabilities aged 6 to 18 years, including children with disabilities whose families receive reintegration allowance or foster care and are beneficiaries of other day care centers subprogramme.


Do you want to use the day center?

Apply to the regional district of Social Services and submit the following documents:

  • A copy of the applicant's disability status document;

       • Document certifying the applicant's legal representation and a copy thereof, if the   

         applicant is a legal representative of the applicant;

       • Certificate of health status (medical documentation Form IV-100 / a).

Donor: State Fund for Protection and Assistance of (Statutory) Victims of Human Trafficking. Association “Anika” has been providing Day Center service for the Children and Persons with Disabilities since 2006.

  For detailed information, see State Program for Social Rehabilitation and Child Care.