Early Childhood Intervention Program

Start date: 02/01/2018

Early Childhood Intervention Program

Association "Anika" has been implementing the Child Intervention Program since 2018 and approximately 60 children have benefited from this service since its inception. The program evaluates the development of individual areas of the child, assesses the parent's skills and identifies their needs; based on the results of the assessment, an individual work plan will be implemented. Based on the results of the assessment, the child's priorities, resources needed for work, and an individual work plan are drawn up with the parent to intervene; At the end of the program, the child is finally assessed.

Members of the Anika Early Intervention Team:

Early Childhood Intervention Specialist;

Language and Speech Therapist;

Occupational therapist;


Early interventionists work in accordance with the following philosophy - daily complex, routine actions and solve various daily problems or issues as it develops both individual areas of child development and increases the quality of their independent functioning in the natural environment. 

Service described above, is carried out together with the parents in the natural environment - at home, in the garden or at school, and also, if necessary in early childhood intervention center - for instance, unlike a child's natural environment, environment can be more controled in the center and is more adopted to the child needs in order to ensure the target skills mximum development.  



The State Program for Early Intervention is implemented by the Ministry of Labor, Health and Social Affairs of IDPs from the occupied territories of Georgia.