Personal Assistant service for Children / Persons with Disabilities

Start date: 07/12/2018

Personal Assistant service for Children / Persons  with Disabilities

What does personal assistant service imply?  

Providing people with disabilities with the amount of assistance they need to perform their daily activities, which increases their ability to live independently and control their own lives. Assistance activities can be varied and include support for self care, eating, dressing, homework, shopping, working and vacationing, communication, day planning and / or other activities. Consequently, personal assisting services are individualized according to different needs and life situations, and the amount (hours) of service varies considerably for all users.

Within the framework of the project, 10 personal assistant candidates were selected through the competition, who had undergone a series of training courses: 1. The essence of personal assistantship and its underlying models; 2. Personal Assistant Functions, Responsibilities, Responsibilities and Rights; 3. Effective communication strategies; 4. Undesirable / problematic behavior and its management; 5. The Impact of Intellectual Disorders on Everyday Personality Functioning and Supporting Strategies; 6. Impact of physical disabilities on the daily functioning of the individual; 7. Influence of sight on the daily functioning of the person; 8. Emergency First Aid Training.

The purpose of this training course was to train personal assistants, after which assistants provided free services to people with disabilities and children. The project lasted for a year.